Proprietor: Michael Green

We source and offer for sale this country’s finest and rarest Australian & New Zealand furniture and other Decorative Arts.
The historical significance of our collection is unparalleled in the market. Acquisitions are hunted worldwide and many are
now on view in museums here and abroad.

Research efforts are focused heavily on attribution and provenance. This includes scientific scrutiny by a world renowned leader
in the field of timber identification. We provide our customers with the security of knowing that an item is precisely as it is described.

We pride ourselves on an ability to rediscover the rarest of items, almost exclusively constructed with the finest cuts of the
timbers of the antipodes. Evidence of this claim can be seen by viewing some of the major discoveries, targeted, found and now
on offer to institutions and serious collectors.

Discovery highlights of recent times have included:
Cradle of Princess Helena, daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Queen Victoria commissioned cradles for each of
her daughters, all others reside in the Royal Collection. The iconic Cafe Australia chair, designed by Walter Burley Griffin and
Marion Mahony. Just three in known existence, one in the NGV, another in the Powerhouse Museum and this superior example,
offered for sale in our gallery.
We are also very proud to have found Australia’s earliest, cabinetmaker-signed piece of furniture, New Zealand’s two oldest,
post Treaty, known pieces of furniture, an item by the famous Suzanne Gether, also the only known, six of Anton Seuffert’s works
including two major pieces, and, my favourite, a work table of unbelievable craftsmanship made for the Emperor and Empress of
Prussia in 1858. This worktable of Australian and New Zealand woods was loved by the Empress who expressed her gratitude to the
maker via a letter that we have to accompany the piece.
These are just some highlights, we have many others. Items that rewrite Australian colonial history.

The website currently showcases a small fraction of our stock. A 5000sq.ft. gallery displays close to two hundred items rotated
regularly from storage. Enquire if you are after a specific item, if we do not have one, the challenge of tracking one down is welcomed.

Kind Regards,
Michael Green

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The Team

From Left: Mike, Hayden, Mason & Alicia